Zappa IPA

The first time I heard about neomexicanus hops, I immediately sought it out. It’s everything I love about brewing. It’s different, it’s unique, and it’s new.

While I do focus on doing some weird stuff a lot of the time, I have also been vocal about my love for IPAs. You give me a new hop, and one that is native only to North America, then it’s game on.

If one is curious as to more details on neomexicanus hops, check out this BYO article on it: I love articles! It has everything you’re looking for on it.

There are three hops in circulation (at the time of writing this) that are pure neomexicanus, or neomexicanus derivative. Medusa, zappa, and sabro, with sabro being a cross pollination of a female neomexicanus hop.

I have used medusa once with some success, so the next in line naturally was zappa which I was able to procure some through Yakima Valley Hops. The aroma description is passionfruit, mint, spice, tropical fruits, and fruity pebbles. Tom Nielsen of Serra Nevada described it as having “a unique spiciness, coupled with full-on mango, backed by a sharp, citrus, delightful, and strong deciduous pine”.

The only downside to this is I didn’t buy enough as I was expecting the alpha acids to be higher. The ones that came in were only 5.6% AA, so I had to bitter with Pekko to hit my IPA bitterness numbers.

It still counts as a neomexicanus IPA!

Brew day:


Batch Size: 2 Gallons
OG: 1.063
SRM: 4.5
Est ABV: ?
IBU: 75
Boil Time: 45 Min

Grain profile:
(100%) – 2 row

60 Min @ 150F

75 IBUs worth of Pekko @ 45 minutes in boil
1 oz Zappa @ 0 minutes
1 oz Zappa Dry hop (for 1 gallon)

Crossmyloof Real Ale


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