Three Ceas IPA (Pooh Bear’s Fav)

This was one of the last IPAs I did before kegging. I specifically bought kegs to help prevent oxygen pick-up in bottles and non-CO2 sealed secondaries, plus kegging and having kegged beer at home is the best thing ever.

I live in Glendale, CA, and for those who don’t know, it’s about 30 minutes northeast from Hollywood. Living a little “outside” L.A. with my very mediocre income has it’s advantages, one of the biggest ones is living in an affordable fourplex with my own garage 30 feet away. I’m also lucky in that my landlord doesn’t give a flying fuck what I do in there, which is now two chest freezers, gobs of equipment, a floor with beer often spilled on it, and god knows what else.

Regardless, if you can’t keg, do whatever it takes to minimize oxygen pickup in the finished beer, especially with the hoppy ones. I don’t even know how a good home brewed IPA can be brewed if bottle conditioned without a way to purge everything with CO2.

At this time, I did not get away with oxygen pick up without the use of CO2. This beer wasn’t the classic gross “carpet” taste my IPAs can have (that taste later on may have also been the hops), just really really sweet. Aged beer that picks up oxygen over time can acquire a sherry (darker beers) or honey-like flavor (lighter beers). The honey-like flavor is due to the formation of 2,3-pentanedione, and in my opinion can happen fast if bottles aren’t purged or great caution is taken to prevent oxygen in-take.

This was one of those honey beers.


Batch Size: 2 Gallons
Target OG: 1.044
SRM: 3.4
Est ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 72.9
Boil Time: 60

82.3% – 2-Row
8.6% – Rye Malt
5.7% – Crystal Malt 10L
3.4% – Corn Sugar (Added to boil)

.20 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 60 Min
.15 oz Columbus (13.4% AA) @ 60 Min
.30 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 20 Min
.30 oz Cascade (5.5% AA) @ 20 Min

Hop Stand
.35 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 7 Min
.35 oz Columbus (13.4% AA) @ 7 Min

Dry Hop
.25 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 10 Days
.25 oz Cascade (5.5% AA) @ 10 Days


Here’s what went down:

Brewed 4/5/15

Super thin mash at 2.4qts per lb of grain.

2.4 gallons at 1.034 gravity first run off. Did a mashout.


Added 1.5 gallons at 170F to collect what I could, but runnings were under 1.010 so I stopped at 2.75 gallons collected at 1.029 gravity pre-boil.

Boiled, cooled, pitched harvested WLP001 from the Simcoe/Citra single hop beers. No starter.

4/14/15: Gravity down to 1.010.

4/20/15: Transferred to the secondary and added the dry hops.

4/30/15: Bottled.

5/10/15 Tasting notes:

Super sweet and zero aroma. There really isn’t much else to say on it. I dumped most of these. This was one of the last bottled IPAs I did, but I wanted to post this for more of an education to those who struggle with sweet or not very good IPAs as I did for years (and still do sometimes like a poon).

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