• Black IPA
  • India Black Lager

    Black IPAs have morphed into quite a unique and somewhat controversial style. First off, the use of Back India Pale Ale is kind of ridiculous with “black” and “pale” being contradictory, and then there are the folks in the Northwest. According to them they invented the style and refuse to call it anything but Cascadian Dark Ale. Don’t even joke about it! […]

  • German (Lager)
  • Schwarzbier

    This is yet another split batch experiment using the same grain profile. I’m a huge fan of doing this because A) I’m poor, and B) Why not? It will always boggle my mind that home brewers brew 5 gallons of one beer regularly. I like a steak as much as next guy, but I definitely don’t want it every night…especially from an amateur cook. […]