Sour Blonde #4 – 1/26/17

Last year I tried to make Butterbeer from Harry Potter, except with alcohol (though alcohol was maybe in it based off writings?), and mine was kinda shitty. I ended up having to put way more caramel extract than I wanted to get the flavor how I imagine it would be. It smelled great, but it hurt the tum tum to drink (due to the extract), and the extract made it too dark as well.

The idea came around obviously to make Butterbeer, but also to see what diacetyl actually smells like. Last year’s attempt I used a lager yeast and purposely fermented it too cold and never warmed it up, but I never really got any diacetyl that I could detect. Some people are really sensitive to it, and I think others just say they are getting it as a default “off flavor” when it’s something else, while others like me just have a hard time detecting it.

It was December, and ’tis the season and all that shit, so I wanted to try it again. This year however I wanted to skip all that extra fermentation nonsense and just add some butterscotch schnapps right before bottling…except that never happened. I just never got the schnapps and by the time I realized I needed to actually make this a “butterbeer”, December was over. ‘Tis the season was over. The dream was dead.

However…it was in a secondary already, it had no hops in it, and it had some dextrins in it due to a higher mash I performed (155F). Naturally that would mean another sour attempt.

I currently have 15 sours going, including this one, so hopefully one day soon at least one will be done (or a few with the possible option to blend). The sour black is tasting pretty damn good and has a pretty stable gravity, so that’s very close if not ready.


Batch Size: 1 Gallon (This was a 2 gallon batch split in half)
OG: 1.055
SRM: 5.8
Est ABV: 5%
IBU: 0
Boil Time: 45 Min

72.3% – 2-Row
8.5% – Flaked Oats
8.5% – Flaked Barley
6.5% – Acid Malt
4.3% – Carapils

60 Min @ 155F


Yeast/Bottle Dregs:
Wyeast 1318 London Ale III
Highland Park Brewery All the Yeast
Ladyface Trebuchet

Here’s what went down:

Brewed 12/3/16

12/16/16: Transferred to a secondary.

1/24/17: Added dregs from a bottle of All the Yeast. I fucking took long enough to add something, Jesus.

1/26/17: Added dregs from a bottle of Trebuchet.

6/24/17: This is interesting. Not much acidity (some though) to speak of yet, but thankfully that weird rubber thing I get sometimes with my long-aged sours isn’t there. There is an odd after taste though that I can’t pinpoint. It’s almost like a soil or dirt sort of after taste? Really weird. Going to let this go another 3-4 months before tasting again. Gravity at 1.007.

12/3/17: Blended this 3:1 with this one and bottled.

12/17/17 Tasting notes:

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