Sour Blonde #3 (Cascade Bottle Dregs) – 12/10/16

It’s yet again time to get another sour going. I want to keep making these every few months for blending options, and because I’ve only had one of mine currently aging I liked based off sampling. That’s worrisome. Granted my oldest sour I have going is just over a year old, so it’s not like the rest are a lost cause or anything.

I’m really big fan of small batch brewing for a lot of reasons, but for sour beer making it’s perfect. It’s a lot easier to store a plethora of 1 gallon jugs, and if one goes bad or can’t be blended, dumping 1 gallon isn’t that painful. I also don’t mind only having 6-10 beers per batch, even if I nail one. The risk of only having a smaller amount to having 5-10 gallons of something that has to dumped is worth it for me.

As far as the dregs went, I am going to start this with a bottle of Cascade’s Blackcap Raspberry. Most breweries don’t pasteurize their beers before bottling, and from what I’ve heard Cascade beers are not pasteurized as well, so there should be plenty of “stuff” in there to sour with.

As for the hops…I didn’t use any, which I think from now on I will continue with sour beers because frankly there’s really no point in using them for that style. Lacto hates hops, and also by the time years pass the hops won’t be noticeable anyways. I will however use them if I am doing a split batch where I’m taking a portion for a sour, dry hopping, for Brett forward beers, maybe Lambic-styles, and MAYBE if I want to fuck with controlling the sour levels.

But this is all speculation and guesswork anyways.


Batch Size: 1 Gallon (This was a 2 gallon batch split in half)
OG: 1.055
SRM: 5.8
Est ABV: 5%
IBU: 0
Boil Time: 45 Min

72.3% – 2-Row
8.5% – Flaked Oats
8.5% – Flaked Barley
6.5% – Acid Malt
4.3% – Carapils

60 Min @ 155F


Wyeast 1318 London Ale III
Dregs from Cascade’s Blackcap Raspberry

Here’s what went down:

Brewed 12/3/16:


12/10/16: Transferred and added dregs from a bottle of Cascade Blackcap Raspberry.

9/23/17: Gravity at 1.005. It’s not that great. Sorta solventy.

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