Sour Blonde #2 – 4/10/16

I’ve been wanting to make all sorts of different kinds of sours, but thus far the max amount in a container has been 3 gallons, the rest have been 1 gallons, which have mostly been wild harvested sours. I love the idea of playing with smaller batches to dial my methods in and learn. Of course if something turns out great it’ll be a bummer only having smaller amounts, but I’d rather take that risk than throw out 5+ gallons of vinegar or nail polish remover.

I got my second sour going recently (which was the Sour Blonde with Kamut Berries, the first being the Sour Red) using dregs cultivated from The Bruery’s Humulus Terreux. Not being the wasteful type of person that I am, after I transferred the Kamut Berry Sour Blonde, I saved 1/2 gallon of it and put it aside for a rainy day. I initially wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this 1/2 gallon, which has now been sitting in my garage for a month and half…long enough even for some pellicle to form. Perhaps there is something more going on in the Humulus than just Brett? I COULD let it go and only have a few bottles but where is the fun in that?

After some deliberation, I decided to top it off with more fresh wort and throw dregs from a bottle in. I was going to brew another session IPA with wheat and flaked oats and figured that was a good time to take some of that and boil it down separately with a small dosage of hops and top off the 1/2 gallon to make it one (I used the remaining 1 gallon leftover wort from the session IPA and pitched dregs from a Spanish Sidra into it).

Initial Recipe:

Batch Size: 1 Gallon
Target OG: 1.052
SRM: 4.5
Est ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 7
Boil Time: 70

64.3% – Maris Otter
17.9% – Wheat Malt
10.7% – Flaked Oats
7% – Kamut Berries

Fuggles (4.2% AA) @ 45 Min

Dregs grown from Humulus Terreux
Dregs from Paradox Skully Barrel No.25

Here’s what went down:

First 1/2 gallon brewed 2/20/16

Initial fermentation with dregs grown from a bottle of Humulus Terreux.

2/27/16: Transferred the 1/2 gallon to a 1 gallon jug after primary fermentation was complete.

4/10/16: The second 1/2 gallon brewed, which was pulled off pre-boil from the Session IPA #3 and boiled with a dash of Crystal hops (no more than 10 IBUs worth).

After adding the wort to the current 1/2 gallon to make it 1 gallon, I poured in the dregs from a bottle of a Paradox Skully Barrel No.25.

4/14/16: Not really any activity to speak of.

5/10/16: Some light pellicle has formed.

2/11/17: Gravity at 1.006. Tasting notes: Slight plastic, slight cheerio, soft acidity, slight citrus. This may need to be blended, but we’ll see how it continues to develop.

6/23/17: This is good. It’s not quite sour enough for me, so I may add some fruit or add something to it that’s a bit more sour. But other than that it’s solid.

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