Session IPA #5 (Shit Is Getting Real!)

This recipe was completely off the cuff. I dropped the ol’ ball and chain off at work and on my way home decided to stop in at the home brew supply store with no plan in mind aside to buy some grain and hops (had harvested US-05 at home).

I have the grain profile for this on lock, and the hops however were chosen off smell alone. I chose Cascade, Seven Cs (written out like that on the container) and Nelson Sauvin. I had used Cascade before (even grew them for 2 years until for some fucking unknown bizarre reason they didn’t grow the 3rd year), but I hadn’t used Seven Cs nor Nelson Sauvin…or so I thought.

Seven Cs should be the same as Falconer’s Flight, yet for some reason they were labeled as being different at the home brew store. Not only that, the most knowledgable employee at the store said they were different. Are they now? That’s interesting. How weird. Regardless, I liked how their separate labeled Seven Cs were smelling.

Nalson Sauvin is the predominate hop in this and were chosen because they smelled the best AND because I hadn’t used them yet. There was a lot of fruit I was getting out the smell that I hope can translate into the finished beer. I threw in Cascade and Seven Cs to spruce it up a little.


Batch Size: 2.5 Gallons
Target OG: 1.045
SRM: 3.7
Est ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 84
Boil Time: 60

70% – 2-Row
15% – Flaked Barley
8% – Carapils
6.5% – Acid Malt

.50 oz Nelson Sauvin (11% AA) @ 45 Min

Hop Stand (130-150F)
.50 oz Nelson Sauvin (11% AA) @ 30 Min
.50 oz Nelson Sauvin (11% AA) @ 15 Min
.25 oz Cascade (7% AA) @ 15 Min
.25 oz Seven Cs (9% AA) @ 15 Min
.50 oz Nelson Sauvin (11% AA) @ 1 Min
.25 oz Cascade (7% AA) @ 1 Min
.25 oz Seven Cs (9% AA) @ 1 Min

Dry Hop
1 oz Nelson Sauvin (11% AA) @ Kegged
.50 oz Cascade (7% AA) @ Kegged
.50 oz Seven Cs (9% AA) @ Kegged


Here’s what went down:

Brewed 6/11/16

Mashed in at 154F. The pH was at 5.5. 1g of CALC2 was added to the mash water. Carbon filtered tap, no distilled water.

Steeped the hops starting at 150F and by the last addition it was at 130F. OG was 1.044.

6/17/16: Activity seems about done.

6/29/16: Kegged with the dry hops. Keeping in the high-50s for the first few days of dry hopping.

7/7/16 Tasting notes:

This might trump the best IPA I had made up until this point. The aroma is full of tropical fruit, pine, and some bright citrus. Just imagine that commercial IPA you get on tap that is on point and you dig your nose in and are hit with fresh burst of hops. I’m becoming a fan of dry hopping at warmer temps, at least until my tiny brain gets distracted by another idea to try.

The bitterness level is right on and balanced nicely, with the flavor being very similar to the nose. The ONLY complaint I would have is it’s still a hair thin. I still need to bump up the flaked shit and/or carapils a little, but it’s still totally acceptable in my opinion.

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