Quick Sour with DME

I have heard that you can make great sour beer using just DME. In fact, I can find where I heard it (probably the Sour Hour), but I’ve heard of homebrewers making award winning Lambic-style beers with just DME. I thought I would give this a go myself.

I didn’t want to make a long-aged sour with it, but rather a quick one. I have been using a strain of Lactobacillus from White Labs called Hilgardii that I have been getting good results from. I tested it a few times in a quick sour, and even a hoppy sour (35 IBUs) to see what it’s made of.

To add a little “fun” element to the equation, I also added some Tempranillo wine grapes to half of it.

Let’s what this is made of again, shall we?

Brew day:


Batch Size: 1 Gallon (split)
OG: 1.050
SRM: 4
Est ABV: 3%-ish
IBUs: 0
Boil Time: 15 Min

100% – DME


Tempranillo grapes

WLP678 Lactobacillus Hilgardii

Here’s what went down:

Made 9/2/17

9/9/17: The pH was at 3.4

9/12/17: Added 4oz of Tempranillo grapes to half a gallon.

9/23/17: Gravity showed about 3% abv. I found out after the fact that White Labs bacteria cultures can sometimes have yeast in them, which is why I got to 3% alcohol. Lactobacillus by itself produces very little to no alcohol (even heterofermentative ones). Decided not to add any actual yeast due to the gravity drop. Bottled the non-grape one. Cold crashed the grape one.

9/28/17: Bottled the grape one.

10/7/17 Tasting notes:

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