Pilsner Workaround

Brewing TV is large reason I’m homebrewing. Before I found the channel, I was maybe brewing once every 2 months. For those who haven’t seen the YouTube channel, it’s a great source of information for home brewers and craft brewers. Not only did it get me inspired to brew more and better, but it was also a reason to start my Youtube channel. I wanted to provide knowledge and entertainment to the brewing community after the crew disbanded and it became a garbage promotional channel.

On one of the Brewing TV videos titled Lager Workarounds, they did two warm fermented lagers where one carboy got Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager, and the other got US-05, fermented both at 66F, and compared the two. According to the BTV crew, it seemed like the 2124 did a decent job warmer. I have been speculating for a while that you can get away fermenting lagers with ale yeast as only certain yeast strains (aka, Belgian strains) really impart different flavor and aroma.

While I have brewed with 2124 warm without off flavors from the strain, I wanted to put it to the test Brewing TV style and do a side-by-side with it. In their video they made a Rye Maibock, but as I keep hearing pilsners are the hardest to make do the fact that it “show cases flaws”, I figured it was a good style to try it on.

To really challenge not only my palette, but BJCP judges’ palettes, I am going to submit one (or both) to a homebrew competition held at the end of July. The submission date is 7/13, so that was also one of the reasons to do this warm and quick…though I’m still pushing it as is to get this done by then. Efforting?

Brew day:


Batch Size: 2 Gallons (split)
OG: 1.054
SRM: 4
Est ABV: 5%-ish
IBU: 36
Boil Time: 50 Min

Grain profile:
(92.8%) – 2-Row
(7.2%) – Carapils

60 Min @ 153F


.60 oz (20.5 IBUs) Saaz (3.7% AA) @ 50 min
.57 oz (12.5 IBUs) Saaz (3.7% AA) @ 20 min
.60 oz (3 IBUs) Saaz (3.7% AA) @ 6 min steep

Jug 1: Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager
Jug 2: US-05

Here’s what went down:

Brewed 6/2/18

Used distilled water to mash in with, and used salts to get the minerals in my water to 30 ppm Chloride, 20 ppm Sulfate, and 30 ppm Calcium. Collected a little too little volume pre-boil and my gravity was too high as a result (that and my efficiency as better than expected). As a result, I only boiled for 50 minutes and did a 6 minute steep for what was going to be my 5 minute boil addition. Could I have topped off with water instead? Yes, but my IBUs were already lower than I wanted and I didn’t want to lower them even more.

6/23/18: Bottled both

7/11/18 tasting:

The US-05 one scored a 34 in a competition. Not too shab!

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