Parti-Gyle Second Runoff IPA

A friend and I decided to do a series of parti-gyle beers where one takes the higher gravity first runoff and the other takes the weaker gravity second runoff and creates their own recipe for each one. This was the second time we did this, the first one being the Gnarles Barelywine/Brown Cream Ale. This time I got the second runoff and of course decided to do an IPA.

Trying to nail down a great IPA on a homebrew scale has been challenging for me. Sorry beer, it’s definitely me, not you. On top of that I have really picky friends when it comes to IPAs. When I say picky, I mean if there’s a hint of malty sweetness the beer can fuck off and die. DRY…BONE DRY…west coast IPA is taken to a whole new level…these aren’t craft beer geeks, these guys are assholes. Needless to say, trying to please them is very difficult.

It’s becoming increasingly evident (at least for my IPAs) that fresh hops for a hoppy beer might be slightly more important than minimizing oxygen pickup. Not that one should be careless with oxygen intake, but I really let a lot of oxygen in this beer with the transfer and I didn’t get any oxidation that I could tell.

This was my first time using Falconers Flight as well. I really love the citrus it brings to the table, and combined with Centennial and Amarillo, it’s a combo perhaps worth pursuing for future batches.


Batch Size: 3.5 Gallons
Target OG: 1.047
SRM: 5
Est ABV: 5%
IBU: 92
Boil Time: 45

78.9% – Pilsner Malt
12.7% – Acid Malt
8% – Flaked Oats
7.2% – Munich Malt 9L
4.8% – Corn Sugar (boil)
3.8% – Aromatic Malt 26L

.10 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 25 Min
.10 oz Falconers Flight (12% AA) @ 25 Min
.50 oz Ahtanum (6% AA) @ 15 Min
.50 oz Amarillo (8.5% AA) @ 15 Min
.50 oz Falconers Flight (12% AA) @ 15 Min
.60 oz Ahtanum (6% AA) @ 5 Min
.60 oz Amarillo (8.5% AA) @ 5 Min
.60 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 5 Min

Hop Stand
.60 oz Ahtanum (6% AA) @ 2 Min
.60 oz Amarillo (8.5% AA) @ 2 Min
.60 oz Falconers Flight (12% AA) @ 2 Min
.70 oz Ahtanum (6% AA) @ 0 Min
.70 oz Amarillo (8.5% AA) @ 0 Min
.70 oz Falconers Flight (12% AA) @ 0 Min
.70 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 0 Min

Dry Hop
.65 oz Amarillo (Leaf, 8.5% AA) @ 5 Days Fermenter
.65 oz Centennial (10% AA) @ 7 Days Fermenter
.65 oz Falconers Flight (12% AA) @ 7 Days Fermenter
.65 oz Amarillo (Leaf, 8.5% AA) Keg
.65 oz Centennial (10% AA) Keg
.65 oz Falconers Flight (12% AA) Keg


Here’s what went down:

Brewed 8/22/15

The original mash was at 150F. Added acid malt after starch conversion to get the pH to 4.6. I did this to play into the citrus. Having a slightly lower pH I thought might help with the flavors I was going for. This can be risky though as Sacc yeast isn’t a huge fan of fermenting at a starting pH lower than 4.5.

Sparged with 4.25 gallons. Gravity pre-boil was at 1.035 post-boil was 1.045.


8/23/15: Activity.

8/26/15: Added first dose of pellets for the dry hops.

8/28/15: Added the Amarillo leaf hops directly in not bagged…uh oh.

9/3/15: Transferred very sloppily into the keg. Of course I read somewhere that people just put in leaf homes willy nilly and they float and you can just put the racking cane beneath them to get the beer out. This is a seriously bad idea if you are kegging for dip tube purposes. Also my racking cane kept getting clogged. I added more dry hops (bagged and weighted) to a purged keg before transferring.

9/9/15 Tasting notes:

There were too many hop leaves in the beer and the line kept getting clogged when trying to serve the beer. From now on, I will always contain leaf hops in a bag if dry hopping before kegging. Even taking the outline out and unclogging it multiple times, it would just re-clog. I had to auto-siphon-it-out into growlers or a glass every time I went to drink or serve this.

Somehow despite the debacles, that was the best IPA I had made up to this point. My assholes friends even liked it! It’s a good summer IPA (or winter).

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