Pale Ale

The focus on this pale ale was hoppy. There is a difference from bitter and hoppy, yet the two are often lumped into one. Hoppy deals more with flavor and aroma, and bitter deals with…well, bitterness. I prefer a good balance between bitter and hoppy, with beers leaning more on the hoppy side. The new haze craze beers are pretty much solely hoppy, with almost no bitterness, which in my opinion sometimes lean too much on the hoppy side.

Not that pale ales are supposed to be super bitter anyway, but my first hop addition was at 10 minutes, then the rest of the hops were steeped, and at 150F rather than 200F. I generally do a lot of steeping anyway, but I almost always have a 60 minute addition to go along with it.

Nugget and Galena were the hops chosen because they smelled so good at the store. I think I had Nugget in the recipe already, but Galena was chosen there if I recall. The IBUs registered at 70 on the BeerSmith program, but as I steeped the hops starting at 150F, and by the time the 30 minute steeping was over, the wort was at 120F, so there’s no way the IBUs were that high. I’m guessing they are somewhere in the 50 range.

According to the BJCP guidelines, the SRM should be between 5-10. Mine is 4, and that’s because I generally don’t like any darker color malts added to my home brewed IPAs. I find that anything crystal, even in small amounts, makes it too sweet for my puss ass west coast palate. I could add maybe a dash of special b or something like that, but I rather just keep it as light as possible. It would not be out of style to add a little blush in the cheek though.

Video of making said beer:


Batch Size: 1 Gallon
OG: 1.055
SRM: 4
Est ABV: 6.0%-ish
IBU: 70 (more like 50 or 60)
Boil Time: 60 Min

1.75 lbs (87%) – 2-Row
2.0 oz (6.5%) – Flaked Oats
2.0 oz (6.5%) – Acid Malt

60 Min @ 149F

.20 oz (30.5 IBUs) Apollo (18.5% AA) @ 10 Min

Hop Stand (150F-120F)
.10 oz (13 IBUs) Nugget (14.8% AA) @ 30 Min
.10 oz (13 IBUs) Galena (14.8% AA) @ 30 Min
.10 oz (4 IBUs) Northern Brewer (6.7% AA) @ 15 Min
.10 oz (9 IBUs) Galena (14.8% AA) @ 15 Min

Dry Hop 1 (As fermentation slowed)
.10 oz Northern Brewer (6.7% AA) @ 7 Days
.10 oz Galena (14.8% AA) @ 7 Days

Dry Hop 2 (65F)
.25 oz Northern Brewer (6.7% AA) @ Kegging
.25 oz Galena (14.8% AA) @ Kegging
.25 oz Nugget (14.8% AA) @ Kegging


Here’s what went down:

Brewed 4/2/17

4/7/17: Added the first dose of dry hops. Fermentation was going pretty good still.

4/16/17: Added the second dose of dry hops. Kept at about 60F.

4/25/17: Bottled.

5/13/17 Tasting notes:

It’s not that great. The aroma hops are almost non-existant, and it’s kind of oxidized. It tasted fine at bottling, but too much oxygen must have entered in during the bottling process. I describe it all below:

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  1. Lin says: Reply

    Looks good! It’s good that you show the IBU next to %AA, it makes it so much easier and quicker to understand the bitterness level.

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