• Other Styles
  • Hodgepodge “Pale Ale”

    Every once in a while I feel like getting weird…actually I like getting weird all the time. However, this beer may have surpassed them all in that I decided to brew a beer not planning the recipe or entering any numbers into a program ahead of time. Comfortable about it? No. Still enjoyed it? Yes. […]

  • Barleywine
  • How to Perform a Parti-Gyle

    So, what is a parti-gyle? What is it good for? Absolutely one main thing—you get a few beers from one batch. This can result in cheaper costs, different beers, and general merriment. This is performed by running off the first runnings from a mash, making a beer from that, and then adding more mash water and getting lower abv beer from the second runnings. Sometimes a third and even a fourth beer can extracted. […]

  • Fruit Beer
  • Hefeweizen with Blood Oranges and Open Fermentation

    Full disclosure, I have never brewed a hefeweizen. I just don’t find the style that interesting, but that’s not to say that the style can’t be interesting. This style was chosen due to me asking my YouTube audience what I should brew next, and someone commented that I should brew a fruit or citrus hefeweizen. It was the first comment I saw, and so it shall be done! […]

  • Czech Lager
  • Pilsner Workaround

    Brewing TV is large reason I’m homebrewing. Before I found the channel, I was maybe brewing once every 2 months. For those who haven’t seen the YouTube channel, it’s a great source of information for home brewers and craft brewers. Not only did it get me inspired to brew more and better, but it was also a reason to start my Youtube channel. I wanted to provide knowledge and entertainment to the brewing community after the crew disbanded and it became a garbage promotional channel. […]