Oat Brown

It’s been no secret that I am fond of a brewery down the street from me called Brewyard. They focus on lager-style beers, though recently they have branched out some to hazy hoppy beer…and I like it.

But this post is not about that, rather it’s about a recipe the head brewer/co-owner and I had been discussing as a possible collaboration. The idea was to brew an oat brown, which was born originally to use to put into a Four Roses barrel I gave them (yes, I really did give them one). We unfortunately couldn’t time it to make the beer, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be brewed!

So based off some ideas we had previously had, I went for it.


OG: 1.060
SRM: 18
Est ABV: 6%-ish
IBU: 33
Boil Time: 60 Min

Grain profile:
(67.5%) – 2-Row
(17%) – Flaked Oats
(8.3%) – Melanoiden (20L)
(4.9%) – Crystal 60L
(2.3%) – Chocolate Malt (350L)

60 Min @ 155F

(33 IBUs) Magnum (12.6% AA) @ 60 min


Brew day and tasting:

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