Extreme Mash Hopped IPA

The mash hop has been around for a while. This is a technique used to hop in the mash to enhance the hop flavor in beer. While I have never actually done it myself, there has been dispute on how much flavor or bitterness it actually imparts. But what if it was pushed to the extreme?

Adding a LOT of hops to the mash I have never seen been done before. I am not sure why as it can eliminate a chunk of the brew day, and a shortened or no boil could then be done after the mash. An even better way to do this is with a BIAB where you can put the hops around the bag and let them steep in the 150F range.

I calculated this to be 80 IBUs in BeerSmith, but as I was going to steep these at 150F, I assumed the IBUs would be closer to 60 or 50. After having downloaded BeerSmith 3 and entering a steeping at 150F for 30 minutes, the IBUs showed they would be only 11! Well, the flavor and aroma will there be at least? I was not aware the IBUs would drop that much going that low. I guess at that temp it really does act more like a dry hop as the utilization at 150F is quite a bit lower than 200F.

Efforting hard over here.

Brew day:


Batch Size: 1 Gallon
OG: 1.055
SRM: 4
Est ABV: 5.5%-ish
IBU: 11
Boil Time: 0 Min

Grain profile:
(80%) – 2-Row
(20%) – Flaked Oats

60 Min @ 150F


Mash Steep:
0.6 oz (3.5 IBUs) Lemon Drop (5.3% AA) @ 30 min steep
0.4 oz (7.5 IBUs) Galaxy (17% AA) @ 30 min steep

Dry hops:
.50 oz Galaxy
.30 oz Equanot

Crossmyloof Real Ale

Here’s what went down:

Brewed 11/30/18

Mashed in, added the hops 30 minutes into the mash outside the bag, and let them sit for 30 minutes. Ran off, pasteurized the wort and finished the brew day.

12/12/18: Kegged.

12/22/18 tasting:

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  1. Jacob Sitter says: Reply


    Would you mind sharing the actual amounts you added as a mash hop? I don’t have BS3 so calculating that is a little difficult.


    1. Jason says: Reply

      The exact amounts were 0.4 oz of Galaxy (17% AA), and 0.6 oz of Lemon Drop (5.3% AA)

  2. Mike says: Reply

    I tossed this over on the YouTube page as well. Why did you leave the hops outside of the bag? I’m running BIAB in a 54 qt cooler with no false bottom. My only concern is clogging the ball valve. I feel like tossing he hops directly in the bag would eliminate that risk. With a thin mash they should still get plenty of exposure. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    1. Jason says: Reply

      I left them outside the bag just to see what would happen, but leaving them inside the bag would work just as well I imagine.

  3. Dave says: Reply

    Got some Galaxy in the freezer. I’m inspired to haveacrack at this method especially seeing your satisfied expression with the finished product. When you say pasturised your mash, how hot vs how long? That’s the trick I’m guessing

    1. Dave says: Reply

      Oooh, also whole cone or pellets?

      1. Jason says: Reply

        Either one! Whichever smells the best.

    2. Jason says: Reply

      I pasteurized it for about 5 minutes at about 180F.

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