• Foreign Extra Stout
  • Foreign Extra Stout #2 (Dark Grains Added After Mash Conversion)

    Experiments are good. They are fun. They provide results…of things. Most of what I brew are experiments and I very rarely brew the same beer twice. This is one of those exceptions. This experiment revolves solely with the mash. There are various ways to add dark grains to the mash. The main way is of course adding all the dark grains at the beginning of the mash. Other ways to add the dark grains are adding it after the mash has converted, adding them after fermentation has started, and possibly adding them at bottling. Adding them after you have run the wort off, cold steeping is needed (which I did for my black session IPA). If you want to add it after the mash has converted, but still in the mash, you can add them at the start of the first vorlauf. […]