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  • Tart Hoppy Saison

    I had ran across an article recently by Mike Tonsmeire where he goes over different methods to make hoppy sour beer. One was a quick sour method where you keep the wort hot (90-100F) for a few days with Lacto, add steeping hops, then cool it down and pitch a Brett strain for fermentation…so I did that. Another method was not quite the quick way with Lacto at a high temp for a few days, then fermenting later with a Brett strain, rather, all the yeast/bacteria is dumped in after a steeping hops at 180F for 20 minutes after the initial boil…so I did that too. […]

  • Sour
  • Sour Blonde #5 – 5/7/17

    This is my fifth attempt at a long-aged blonde sour. The other four are not ready, will need blending, or need may need fruit added. Thankfully I was able to actually keg my first long-aged sour, which as 10 months in the making. I liked it so much, I decided to save the dregs for another beer. My fifth blonde sour was born. […]

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  • Sour Blonde #4 – 1/26/17

    Last year I tried to make Butterbeer from Harry Potter, except with alcohol (though alcohol was maybe in it based off writings?), and mine was kinda shitty. I ended up having to put way more caramel extract than I wanted to get the flavor how I imagine it would be. It smelled great, but it hurt the tum tum to drink (due to the extract), and the extract made it too dark as well. […]

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  • Runoff Session Sour – 10/21/16

    I’ve done a couple runoff beers, which is taking the second runnings and making a second lower strength beer from it (also known as parti-gyle). I love the idea of getting two beers from one mash for a number of reasons, the main one getting to do stupid stuff with the second runoff without any real consequences fiscally. […]

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  • Sour Blonde #2 – 4/10/16

    I’ve been wanting to make all sorts of different kinds of sours, but thus far the max amount in a container has been 3 gallons, the rest have been 1 gallons, which have mostly been wild harvested sours. I love the idea of playing with smaller batches to dial my methods in and learn. Of course if something turns out great it’ll be a bummer only having smaller amounts, but I’d rather take that risk than throw out 5+ gallons of vinegar or nail polish remover. […]