• Sour
  • Flanders-style Red Ale – 1/24/18

    Belgian sour beers are a thing of beauty. I’ve found their complexity surpasses most American sour beers. They do have hundreds of years of prior wild yeast capturing and process on us, so they should be better. All of us in other parts of the word can hope to get close to replicating their process. […]

  • Other Styles
  • Tart Hoppy Saison

    I had ran across an article recently by Mike Tonsmeire where he goes over different methods to make hoppy sour beer. One was a quick sour method where you keep the wort hot (90-100F) for a few days with Lacto, add steeping hops, then cool it down and pitch a Brett strain for fermentation…so I did that. Another method was not quite the quick way with Lacto at a high temp for a few days, then fermenting later with a Brett strain, rather, all the yeast/bacteria is dumped in after a steeping hops at 180F for 20 minutes after the initial boil…so I did that too. […]

  • Sour
  • Sour Blonde #5 – 5/7/17

    This is my fifth attempt at a long-aged blonde sour. The other four are not ready, will need blending, or need may need fruit added. Thankfully I was able to actually keg my first long-aged sour, which as 10 months in the making. I liked it so much, I decided to save the dregs for another beer. My fifth blonde sour was born. […]

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  • Sour Blonde #4 – 1/26/17

    Last year I tried to make Butterbeer from Harry Potter, except with alcohol (though alcohol was maybe in it based off writings?), and mine was kinda shitty. I ended up having to put way more caramel extract than I wanted to get the flavor how I imagine it would be. It smelled great, but it hurt the tum tum to drink (due to the extract), and the extract made it too dark as well. […]