• Hoppy
  • Peated Hoppy Rye Strong…Thing

    I occasionally like to do one of those brew days where nothing is planned. I either go to the home brew store and buy grain, hops, and yeast on the fly, or use whatever I have around the “brew house”…though the later rarely happens because I brew exactly the amounts I buy for most of the time. Regardless of my usual perfect planning, this was one of those beers done on the fly, and with leftover malt I had! […]

  • Smoked Beer
  • The Adjective Stout 2014

    This is an annual beer I have made with a friend since I started brewing back in 2012. A stout was the first all-grain beer I made with him, so this was a tradition we decided to continue annually. Of course I can’t just make a stout without doing something weird with it, especially early on in my exploration into the beer making world. We’ve all been there. […]