• Other Styles
  • Hodgepodge “Pale Ale”

    Every once in a while I feel like getting weird…actually I like getting weird all the time. However, this beer may have surpassed them all in that I decided to brew a beer not planning the recipe or entering any numbers into a program ahead of time. Comfortable about it? No. Still enjoyed it? Yes. […]

  • Barleywine
  • How to Perform a Parti-Gyle

    So, what is a parti-gyle? What is it good for? Absolutely one main thing—you get a few beers from one batch. This can result in cheaper costs, different beers, and general merriment. This is performed by running off the first runnings from a mash, making a beer from that, and then adding more mash water and getting lower abv beer from the second runnings. Sometimes a third and even a fourth beer can extracted. […]

  • Hoppy
  • Pale Ale

    The focus on this pale ale was hoppy. There is a difference from bitter and hoppy, yet the two are often lumped into one. Hoppy deals more with flavor and aroma, and bitter deals with…well, bitterness. I prefer a good balance between bitter and hoppy, with beers leaning more on the hoppy side. The new haze craze beers are pretty much solely hoppy, with almost no bitterness, which in my opinion sometimes lean too much on the hoppy side. […]