• American IPA
  • Eis-IPA

    The story of an eisbock has a potential beginning, though seemingly steeped in legend. It is said that a German brewery worker in 1890 was ordered one winter evening to bring a batch of newly brewed Bock inside at the end of a long day. Tired and alone, he decided that leaving the beer outside for the night would do no harm. Returning to work the next day, the head brewer discovered that, after a particularly frigid night, the beer had frozen solid. […]

  • Hoppy
  • 100% Rye IPA (My First BIAB)

    Over 7 years of homebrewing and not one brew in a bag under my belt. This method is generally considered the next step up from extract brewing, though some just never go away from it either. The main reason is it’s easy and cuts the brew day time down by a lot. […]

  • Other Styles
  • Hodgepodge “Pale Ale”

    Every once in a while I feel like getting weird…actually I like getting weird all the time. However, this beer may have surpassed them all in that I decided to brew a beer not planning the recipe or entering any numbers into a program ahead of time. Comfortable about it? No. Still enjoyed it? Yes. […]

  • Beer Styles
  • Saison with Wood Chips

    The use of wood with brewing goes back a ways. Aside from the use of barrels for fermentation and storage, back centuries ago, like Middle Ages centuries ago, certain places around the world would heat their mash and boil wort in wooden vats using hot rocks, the reason being direct fire would burn the wood they were using. This resulting brew became known as “steinbeer.” […]