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  • Brewing a Beer with Only Grocery Store Ingredients

    One day you’re in a grocery store…you are perusing around and see grains in containers. You’ve been home brewing for a while, so naturally you are curious. You know you can use some of these grains to boost body and add some dextrins to beer, but what what if…what if you just used them for 100% of the grist? Can it be done? What if you bittered it with the spices and herbs on the next isle? That would be interesting…oh look at that…baker’s yeast…what if… […]

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  • Advantages of Small Batch Brewing (First World Problems Are Real)

    This whole small batch brewing was first born out of my shitty ability to brew beer. I was constantly attempting to gag my way through failed experiments, or real genuine mediocre attempts at styles. Then once I got “decent” at brewing I then realized I still had a shitload of beer lying around I was struggling to get through, which would get often get worse with age in my hot garage. I THEN realized I might like wine more (and maybe whiskey and other spirits as well). It was all going sideways! […]

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  • Training the Palate (A Yeast Experiment)

    I keep hearing how important yeast is. Every article and every recipe talking about recipe design stress the yeast (quality and proper amounts especially). In my opinion there’s only a few styles where yeast plays a massive role in taste and smell, and to me that’s Belgians (spice, clove, phenols), Hefeweizens (banana, clove) and Brettanomyces (barnyard, smoke, phenols). But what really throws me is a beer that doesn’t have a super strong characteristic. What EXACTLY is the difference from a Kolsch yeast vs a Lager yeast, US-05 vs a Common, and could a BJCP judge actually tell blind taste the difference using a basic grain and hop bill? Would it even matter if a beer is called Kolsch (or Kolsch-style) if the yeast can have similar properties to other California Common type strains? […]

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  • How to Install a STC-1000 Temp Controller on a Chest Freezer (Drunk Morons Included)

    Let me start off by saying that I had a really hard time finding the right way to do this, mainly because my tiny brain doesn’t allow for such complexity, but also because there isn’t that many great recourses or instructions online. But once the correct diagrams finally were found it wasn’t as hard as I thought to get it to work (I also had help from a friend who knew more about this stuff than I did, yet was equally as drunk during installation). […]

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  • Steps to Making a Great IPA (Says a Dry West Cost Hop Douche)

    It took me years to finally get the right IPA, and by right IPA, I mean dry as fuck with exploding hop aroma and flavor. There were many trial and errors and factors that went into all my failed past attempts, which were well over a dozen, but alas, my tiny brain was able to finally put it all together AND on a constant basis. Here are the steps in my opinion (and facts) to making a great IPA: […]