• Funky (Brett)
  • Funky Saison Split (Sidra and Brett)

    I made a beer a while back with dregs harvested from a Spanish cider, which are called Sidras. They are pretty funky a lot of the times, with Brettanomyces being the dominate flavor and aroma punching through. Sidras are fermented with whatever microbes are on the apple skins, which in my opinion, makes for a far more complex and better cider than the ones in made in America. […]

  • Funky (Brett)
  • Hoppy Brett Witbier

    What exactly is a hoppy Brett witbier? No one knows. Why am I doing this? Biochemical reactions. Why would anyone care about biochemical reactions? Because one here’s things on podcasts and gets crazy ideas. What are these ideas? Supposedly coriander and Brettanomyces when mixed together can create a citrus flavor. When someone hears things like this, there’s only one thing left to do naturally, and that’s to really mess up the process. […]

  • Funky (Brett)
  • Black Lager with Brett – 7/17/16

    When one thinks of black lagers, some think of schwarzbiers, while others might think of oh, I don’t know, black lagers. However, I don’t recall ever having any lager where Brett was added to the secondary. This is as close as it gets breaking the Reinheitsgebot purity law without actually breaking it. Seeing as it’s the 500th anniversary of the purity law, why not dabble in the dangerous art of beer rule breaking. […]

  • Brett IPA
  • 100% Brett IPA #2

    My first Brett IPA was a standard grain profile, but this one was a gallon pulled off from the Session IPA #2 after it was boiled and chilled. This had a large amount of wheat in it, which should enhance the horse taint Brett produces from the elevated clove and spice character from the wheat. Phenol and clove-like flavors occur more in beer made with certain grains like wheat and certain yeast strains. Brett loves enhancing funky horse dong from those phenols. […]