• Dunkelweizen
  • Dunkelweizen (Split with Brett)

    The German wheat beer history is an interesting one. We all know of the German purity law of 1516 called the Reinheitsgebot, where only water, barley and hops could be used to brew beer with. As a result, wheat beer wasn’t being produced commercially, and if it was, it was only in house for the duke’s consumption. This lasted until the mid 1800’s when a weissebier brewer (Georg Schneider) was commissioned to brew the wheat beer. He brewed first at the Weisse Hofbräuhaus, and later at Tal near the city’s main square. He then expanded into a second brewery in Kelheim in 1872, in the midst of the Hallertau hop growing area, as a private brewery. Weissebier was no longer under the royal thumb: it had gone mainstream. […]