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  • Winter Spiced Cider (Take That Pinterest)

    This was my first attempt at a cider. The “American” ciders I’ve tried in the past I haven’t cared for that much. There only seemed to be two kinds here in The States, one dryer and the other sweeter. However, I have recently discovered cider from Spain known as sidra. These ciders are mostly produced in the northern part of Spain in the Basque and Asturias regions. The fermentation process occurs naturally due to the native yeast that is already present on the skins of apples. Nothing is added, no sweeteners, and no additional yeast. They are often low in carbonation, or even flat, but with the proper pour known as escanciar, which involves pouring the cider from high above one’s head and allowing the free-flowing stream to plunge into the glass, any CO2 in the solution can be released (or at least some agitation at the very least). […]