• Beer Styles
  • Saison with Wood Chips

    The use of wood with brewing goes back a ways. Aside from the use of barrels for fermentation and storage, back centuries ago, like Middle Ages centuries ago, certain places around the world would heat their mash and boil wort in wooden vats using hot rocks, the reason being direct fire would burn the wood they were using. This resulting brew became known as “steinbeer.” […]

  • Other Styles
  • Tart Hoppy Saison

    I had ran across an article recently by Mike Tonsmeire where he goes over different methods to make hoppy sour beer. One was a quick sour method where you keep the wort hot (90-100F) for a few days with Lacto, add steeping hops, then cool it down and pitch a Brett strain for fermentation…so I did that. Another method was not quite the quick way with Lacto at a high temp for a few days, then fermenting later with a Brett strain, rather, all the yeast/bacteria is dumped in after a steeping hops at 180F for 20 minutes after the initial boil…so I did that too. […]

  • Belgian
  • Saison Brett (Bruxellensis & Lambicus)

    It was time. I was ready for my first “proper” sour/funky beer rather than dicking around with those quick sours. First off let me say that I’m not a huge fan of the run-of-the-mill saison without some use of aging in a barrel, or with some Brett in it (a saison is a saison is a saison…please god someone show me otherwise. I want to believe). Second, I wasn’t quite ready to go the full-length with a proper sour. A secondary aged Brett beer seemed like the best option to get my feet wet in the world of funk as I was hoping that it would be done in 2-4 months rather than a year or longer. […]