Adjective Stout 2017 (Oatmeal Raisin Cookie)

It was that time of year again. Time for the annual adjective stout. I got the idea for what became known as the Adjective Stout from Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing book where a recipe called for salt, pepper, bourbon, vanilla, anise, cinnamon, and coriander…that’s a lot of adjectives before the word “stout” appears. Hey now!

This is brewed with a friend of mine and it’s our annual collaboration must-make home brew. This year we decided to keep it rolling with the desert side of things by making it a cookie oatmeal raisin stout. There are some adjectives in there too! To achieve the flavor of an oatmeal cookie, cinnamon and vanilla were a must, followed by actual raisins. The amounts were chosen by research online, some efforting, and a little luck, and even smaller skill.

I didn’t think raisins would really impart that much as they are dried and the juices were pretty much gone from the grapes, so get that “raisin” flavor, crystal 120 was added to the grist. The cinnamon was mostly added at the end of the boil, and the vanilla (and raisins) were steeped in vodka for a week then dumped in the primary.

We also wanted this to have a nice creamy mouthfeel, so I upped the flaked oats to 15% from my usual 10%, and carbonated the beer with around 2.0 volumes of CO2. It’s also important when trying to get a smoother flavor to add the dark malts after conversion to lessen any acrid tannic flavors that dark malt can impart.

Video of the brew diz:


Batch Size: 1 Gallon
OG: 1.063
SRM: 34
Est ABV: 6%-ish
IBUs: 34
Boil Time: 90 Min

(69%) – Maris Otter
(15%) – Flaked Barley
(6.7%) – Acid Malt (because of my water)
(5%) – Crystal 120L
(4%) – Chocolate Malt (added after conversion)
(3%) – Carafa III (added after conversion)

155F for 70 Minutes

.20 oz (34 IBUs) Magnum (14% AA) @ 60 Min

0.5 oz raisins
1/3 vanilla bean
1/2 tsp cinnamon (and a pinch more)

White Labs WLP002

Here’s what went down:

Brewed 10/7/17

Added the first dose of cinnamon at brew day after cooling to 100F (pulled off a gallon for a dark sour).

10/17/17: Added the raisins and vanilla bean which were soaked in vodka for a week. Added a little bit more cinnamon.

11/2/17: Bottled.

11/15/17 Tasting video:

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  1. Mike says: Reply

    can i get how many pound of grains that were used? this sounds great!

    1. Jason says: Reply

      4 lbs of grain total for a 2 gallon batch. Half of it was split for another batch.

  2. Mateus says: Reply

    In the video you say you use 15% of flaked oats but on the recipe above you say 15% flaked barley.. Which one is correct? Also, should i leave acid malt out if my water profile is good? (didn’t quite understand that part..) Thanks a lot!

    1. Jason says: Reply

      I think I used flaked barley, but use oats if you want a little more body. Just make sure your pH is ok in the 5.3 range. I used to add acid malt instead of lactic acid additions.

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